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Film, television, and other visual arts industry projects require the help of a team of talented workers. Oakhurst Immigration Law provides immigration services for top film industry professionals looking to obtain temporary or permanent visas. Our unique skill set can guide foreign nationals in any department of the filmmaking process to obtain employment authorization for a variety of conditions and purposes.

From fundraising, casting, and filming to post-production and distribution, our attorneys understand the unique issues, affairs, and challenges that commonly occur, as well as how talented foreign nationals from other countries fill critical employment needs in the U.S. We can help you explore immigration options that help you stay in the United States through adjustment of status, and we can also assist in expediting visas through consular processing for international film workers abroad.

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The Professionals We Serve

Even before a film crew is assembled and the camera starts rolling, film producers and casters spend months of planning to make sure sets are up and working smoothly. In addition to actors and other performers, we help film production companies, movie studios, and news organizations obtain work authorization for front-end employees from other countries. We work with the entire menu of immigration options to apply for temporary business visas for international film professionals to stay in the United States.

We are the premier resource for film and television professionals and their support staff. Our law firm prides itself on addressing the unique immigration needs of:

  • Actors
  • Stagehands
  • Comedians
  • Voice-over actors
  • Theater professionals
  • Podcasters and radio talk show hosts
  • Pilot show creators
  • Film producers
  • Casting personnel
  • Front office executives
  • Film directors and assistants
  • Cinematography and photography directors
  • Location managers and set construction
  • Publicists and marketing professionals

In short, we work with all types of professionals who demonstrate the extraordinary talents needed to qualify for O-1, O-2, E-2, and EB-1A visas. Visas can be petitioned by production companies, studios, U.S. agents, and many other individuals.

In-Depth Knowledge of All Entertainment Visas

At Oakhurst Immigration Law, we have strengthened our immigration solutions for professional actors and related industries by performing research on industry needs and forming relationships with the governing bodies in the United States. Visas for film industry professionals are highly specific and complex, and we are the team that can handle this niche area of law.

Over the years, USCIS and immigration conditions have changed, and so have the immigration requirements for entertainment industry professionals. In the past, many acting professionals used B visitor visas to travel to the United States. Now, however, the Department of Homeland Security is exceedingly adamant that employers apply for the proper visa if working in the United States.

Because the film industry tends to be project-oriented, regulations allow for certain O-1 visa holders to assist on multiple projects without obtaining labor certifications. In addition, O-1 visa holders can obtain concurrent O-1 approval but must be careful to manage which visa they return on at a US consulate if they leave the country.

The O-1 visa is appropriate for acting and entertainment professionals who have a record of outstanding achievements in their particular field and can prove it with credible evidence. Our lawyers are incredibly efficient and thorough in helping our clients demonstrate their eligibility for extraordinary ability visas to USCIS.

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At Oakhurst Immigration Law, we strive to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you accomplish your goals in as little time as possible. As leaders in the industry, our attorneys have what it takes to navigate niche areas of immigration law with precision and efficiency.

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At Oakhurst Immigration Law, we have what it takes to help you navigate the complex legal field of film industry visas. We value your talent and artistic contributions and believe you deserve to broadcast them on a global scale. Let us help you make your dream a reality.

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